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05/03/2011: "#2 East Coast Tour"

After that vague intro, it's probably worth me starting with WHY I am writing this blog !

I am 'researching' for a new animated film, and this blog is to help me focus my research.

My bloke bought a van and has decided to travel the UK for the summer.
It's not an aimless wander... he's a gambler (sorry Mum) so we are touring the best places to place a bet.
While he's doing that, I'm playing with my new camera-phone (wahoo) and taking pictures of whatever catches my eye.
So far it's a bit of an odd mix, but I'm going to post a few on here and we'll see what we'll see.

He's gambling, I'm rambling.. so I should probably shut up for today.

Photos so far .. Bridlington, and The Ship Inn at Sewerby.

01Bridlington (131k image)