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05/04/2011: "#3 - The Day-to-Day Adventure"

Routine -
locate the bookies;
locate the nearest carpark, (preferably free all day and next to the bookies);
alternatively, locate a supermarket with free parking;
buy today's newspaper;
find a cafe/pub for breakfast (preferably with wi-fi);
clean van (while he reads newspaper);
buy food for tonight's bbq (limited storage so shop daily);
start research into facilities for the evening;
locate a pub with sky sports(for the football);
locate a pub with wi-fi, (sky sports AND wi-fi = gold!);
locate a pub with large carpark that will let us stop the night (with sky sports and wifi? yeah- dream on!);
find a campsite;
find a swimming pool (with showers);
find a campsite with showers;
find a campsite with showers and swimming pool (and that's NOT booked up til 2015);
find a laundrette;
find a campsite with laundrette;
Find a campsite with showers and laundrette and tv reception for channel showing tonights game, next to the bookies.

sorted... now... where are we going tomorrow?