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05/26/2011: "#9 Living in the Alligator"

yes, thanks Donz, I do need to update my blog! Got a bit behind again and here's why.
Yesterday was the Soundtracks event at the Holmfirth Film Festival. I made an animation to go with a brilliant soundtrack by Maia the Band.
Their new single 'Living in the Alligator' will be out in a few months, so I will post the video then.
My animation seemed to focus on claustrophobia and wide-open-spaces...
hmmm was I influenced by currently living in a tiny van?
Anyway, here's some more photos from our trip, taking in Bedford, back to Northampton, Rugby (again), Nuneaton, Birmingham, Cannock and Rugeley... all in a week.
Our route map is getting very confusing!!!
AND I've been swimming... AND out on the bike!
It was soooo worth bringing it, even if the bike rack does add 3 feet to our length!

01Bedford (52\k image)