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06/09/2011: "#14 Victims of Circumstance"

Had stopped over at a pub in Compton, so I cycled along the canals into Wolverhampton to the Coach Park where Elnagh was. A massive yellow coach parked beside us, lighting up our cabin.
A gang of young men loitering about. Caught myself thinking Wolves had a strong punk following, before realising this group had american accents.
Sat in the pub on internet in the afternoon. In walk the same guys, and off upstairs to sound check.
No posters, or info on internet (top marks to the promoter..not!) but the barman told us they are a ska/punk band from Florida. They've parked next to us, playing in the same pub.. we really should go see them. Be rude not to!
The promoter had organised 3 local bands to also play. The crowd for the main act were a few of the local band members, the promoter and his girlfriend, and us. Would highly recommend seeing 'Victims of Circumstance' again, in a bigger venue!!!

Elnagh and the big Yellow Bus
hiding (61k image)