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06/14/2011: "#15 round and round and round"

We seem to have been circling Birmingham for the last 2 weeks. There's been a lot of ante-posts that need collecting.
I like the exploring of new places... it's a buzz seeing if the betting shops are as close together as we hoped... and my curiosity insists on finding the quirky in every town.
But it's kinda nice to return to a now familiar place. We're getting that 'returning home' feeling even if we'd never been here until a month ago!
Great opportunity to explore the canal and cycle networks. Towpaths are ACE - especially as they are flat big grin but that DOES mean I have to keep peddaling, rather than freewheeling down the hills !!!! See! Real excercise!
Good time of year for this too. There are so many swans with cygnets and other wildlife to spot. AND the Big kids with their Proper bikes in Cannock Chase... one day, I'll be that good.....!
oh.. and it's Ascot week.
(Photo: Ashby Canal near Nuneaton)
01Ashby_canal (66k image)