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07/02/2011: "#23 Make the most of every opportunity, you never know what may happen."

After spending the day in Salisbury, we headed out in the direction of Salisbury Plain, in search of a pub to stop at.
His timing couldn't be better... 'So, are we near those stones then?' he asks as we reach the brow of the hill....... 'Ah...'
And there it is.. Stonehenge.
We arrived as they closed the gates... So instead we pulled up a sidetrack, near some other vans. Beautiful, quiet evening with only a few people about, and the 2 security guards peering at us peering through the fence, clicking away on our cameras.
Had been a stressful day, but this place is so calm we couldn't move away. I awoke at 4:30 with the birds making a racket - field bunting, I think. As the black sky turned to dark hazy blue I could just make out the bright yellow of the guards.
Then ...... about 50 dark figures glided across the field, moving hurridly towards the stones. The light grew into morning mist giving the whole thing an extra eery feel. It was too far and too misty to really see much, but as the drumming intensified
I could see the flourescent jackets of the guards, one standing with hands in pockets, while the other danced around him. Yep, danced. Well.. you would, wouldn't you?

Gilbert of Salisbury
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