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07/06/2011: "#25 Kippered"

Horse racing at Worcester, Windsor, and Newbury. Well, we're in the area so why not, eh!
It's all good for my education into this gambling world. And my lesson has been...?

Ok, here's the story... Hayley Turner was riding at Windsor. She was having a good evening, so when the last race came up I thought, ok, go for it.
I decided on £1 each way, (which costs me £2 but I'd get a return if she finished in the top 3).
I queued up for the bookie on the course who had the best price, 20-1.
There were 3 people in front of me.
The first asked for the same as I wanted (£1 ew on no.4 -Ilse Nastase)
So did the 2nd.
The price dropped to 16-1
This was the same price offered by the other bookies so I stayed in the queue.
The person in front of me, also asked for the same.
I placed my bet...
and the price dropped again..but not on the board, until my ticket was printed.
Being a total novice, I just thought that was bad luck.
Apparently I should have complained that I wanted the advertised price.. but I am new to this!

It was an exciting race, and my horse came in 3rd.
I won £2 and got my £2 stake back.
I see that as 100% profit!!

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